Mental Health For Our Lives

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people in the United States — we believe schools can help. That’s why we’re fighting for comprehensive mental health reform across the state of New Jersey.

We’re fighting for three policies: K-12 Mental Health Education, Training Educators to Support Students with Mental Health Struggles, and State Funding to Put Mental Health Professionals in Every School. To read our full policy platform, click HERE.

The fight for mental health reform in New Jersey exists on the state, community and school levels. To figure out where you can make the most difference, click HERE.


Voter Registration For Our Lives

New Jersey is getting ready for the 2019 Elections for the state General Assembly. We’re doing our part with our 2019 Voter Registration Contest.

Federal elections aren’t the only ones that matter; state elections may affect you even more. The New Jersey General Assembly can decide what guns are legal near you, how much funding your school receives, and a variety of other policies which impact you and your community every single day. However, only a fraction of the people who vote in federal elections also vote for the General Assembly.

This summer and fall, we’re hosting a statewide voter registration contest for teens and young people. You do not need to be part of an existing chapter to participate; all you need is three friends, some registration forms and a dedication to civic engagement.

Winners will receive a March For Our Lives Swag Bag, a pizza party for your team and a chance to be featured on the national March For Our Lives social media.

To read the rules and sign up for the contest, click HERE.